About Us

OkeOgun Green Revolution is an initiative of Oke-Ogun Youths Association aiming at encouraging our young people to engage in profitable, sustainable and commercial agriculture by creating a platform that will generate networks that will make the work easier and interesting to them.

Oke Ogun area of Oyo state is arguably the least developed in terms of everything in the state. Youth unemployment, poverty, neglects from all tiers of government and general underdevelopment.

In 2017, OkeOgun Youth Association Organised a youth summit in Iseyin with the team ‘Dream Come True’. At the Summit the youths concluded that we have complained enough about ourselves.

The youths discovered that we have neglected our God giving natural resources and the potentials to turn our stories around using our natural resources.

Oke Ogun area is amounted to over 60% of the land mass of Oyo state, fertile land that can grow anything all season without fertilizer.

At Oke Ogun Youths Association, we believe that our destiny is actually in our hands and on our land and that is why we designed this program to empower our youths through agriculture. 

We believe that the prosperity of our region will depend on the individual success. When we have many successful individuals and our youths are gainfully employed and empowered we shall emancipate ourselves from the shackles of underdevelopment that we cry about every day.