Meet Peter Adepoju, Our IT Training Volunteer

In the heart of the Okeogun community, Peter Adepoju has been a driving force behind the technological empowerment and growth of the region since the establishment of the Okeogun Green Revolution. Through his tireless efforts, Peter has transformed the lives of hundreds of youths by providing IT training and leveraging technology to streamline operations. His contributions as a trainer, Excel specialist, and webmaster have significantly impacted the community and propelled the organization to new heights.

· IT Training for Empowering Youth:

Since the inception of the Okeogun Green Revolution in 2017, Peter Adepoju has played a pivotal role in providing IT training to the youth of the community. With a focus on essential skills such as Excel, Microsoft Office, and basic computer proficiency, Peter has equipped over 200 youths with the necessary knowledge to excel in today’s digital age. By bridging the digital divide, Peter has empowered the youth to explore new opportunities and broaden their horizons.

· Simplifying Operations with an Excel Accounting Tool:

Recognizing the need for efficient record-keeping within Okeogun Green Revolution, Peter took the initiative to create an Excel sheet that serves as a comprehensive accounting tool for the company. This innovative solution has simplified financial management, enabling the organization to maintain accurate records and make informed financial decisions. Peter has provided the team with a valuable resource for smooth and effective financial management through his Excel expertise and understanding of the company’s requirements.

· Webmaster Extraordinaire:

As the webmaster of Okeogun Green Revolution’s website, Peter has been instrumental in ensuring its seamless operation. With his technical prowess and attention to detail, he has maintained the website’s functionality, enhanced user experience, and implemented necessary updates. Peter’s commitment to ensuring a smooth online presence has strengthened the organization’s digital presence and facilitated effective communication with stakeholders.

· Community Impact and Continued Growth:

Beyond his IT trainer, Excel specialist, and webmaster role, Peter Adepoju’s contributions extend to the wider Okeogun community. Through his dedication, he has equipped individuals with vital IT skills, instilled confidence, and empowered them to pursue their dreams. Peter has set the stage for the community’s continued growth and development by fostering a learning and technology adoption culture.

Peter Adepoju’s unwavering dedication to the Okeogun community through IT training and technological enablement has earned him the heartfelt gratitude of the entire community. The impact of his efforts is evident in the transformed lives of over 200 youths who have gained essential IT skills under his guidance. As the community thrives and embraces the power of technology, they extend their sincerest thanks to Peter for his unwavering support throughout the years. His contributions have empowered individuals and paved the way for a brighter future for the entire Okeogun community.

We say Thank you, Ms. Peter Adepoju!